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Meet the Neighbors: The Cookout (Page 3 Preview)

Full version available on Patreon.

Art by Rabies T Lagomorph / Story by Kennycomix


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1 Comment

Feb 20, 2023

Hey Kenny, this page 3 preview is awesome but it looks like Shondra has bigger tits than Pam along with having a far far bigger ass. The Simmons cardinal trait are their massive asses, with Shondra having the most gigantic ass in the Belleville Universe and its great to have that dynamic. I always thought that the Pattersons cardinal trait was that they had the most gigantic breasts in the Belleville Universe, in contrast to the Simmons having the most massive asses, so that both families complimented each other in that way. However, in the page 3 preview, Shondra is drawn to have bigger tits than Pam and a much bigger ass. Her having a much bigger ass works wit…

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